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The Fund is a relative return fund i.e., it aims for higher returns than the set benchmark.

To determine the Fund’s achievements, it can be compared to the benchmark, or to other funds. Comparisons may be in a currency of your choice, provided that currency is consistently applied in all comparisons.

The Fund fact sheets, financial statements and the benchmark are priced and presented in US$


We have consistently doubled initial investment at least every 5 years since inception using the following strategy:

  • Quarterly dividends: Reinvest quarterly dividends (1.5% of the full fund value)
  • Monthly discretionary growth: Allocated and reinvested each month as well as quarterly dividends reinvested
  • Compounded growth: Enhanced exponentially by reinvested dividends and discretionary growth increasing the value of by approximately 3% - 4% per annum risk-free. This is a unique feature of our fund

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Market Exposure

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