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We're an offshore global macro fund that invests exclusively in established markets and instruments. We do not invest in emerging markets.

Caveat Fund generates long-term wealth for investors by trading the most diversified futures portfolio. Our average returns generally exceed world equity markets, with no greater risk of loss.
Quarterly Dividend

Fund Features

Our fund is supported by a ‘living’ system of algorithms which continually monitors each of the 45 markets, researching and analysing performance and trends to notify us of opportunities as they become available and early warnings signals as necessary.

In addition to the above, we have extensive collaboration between highly qualified, experienced, and properly regulated entities, specialists and global managers sharing live data and information to maximise investment and minimise risk.
Fund Currency
Global Exchange Futures
Average Position
4-6 Weeks
International Taxes
Admin Fee

Fees & Taxes

We only charge fees on the discretionary portion of growth generated every quarter. If there is no growth, there is no fee. Unlike other funds, fees are not applicable to the full value of the fund.

Contact us for exact fees and taxes applicable to your investment.
No Growth
No Fees
Upfront Fees
Dividends Re-Invested
No Taxes



Carre Trust

Carré Trust is a multi-family office providing high-quality customised services.

With a wealth of experience in the trust and company world, Carré Trust is able to offer qualified guidance and assistance to wealthy individuals, their families and professional intermediaries regarding their requirements and needs, from structural challenges to personal customer solutions.

Carré Trust is a one-stop-shop committed to personal service, reliability and attention to detail. A trustworthy working relationship gives our clients the time and peace of mind they deserve

Sub-Portfolio Manager

JAB Speculate

JAB Speculate LLC ("JAB") has offered professional money management to institutions and high net worth individuals since 2013. They specialise in futures markets around the world.

JAB Speculate LLC is the appointed sub-portfolio manager and international expert to manage its offshore portfolio. JAB Speculate LLC is registered within the Cayman Islands and regulated under CIMA


Caveat Capital MGMT (Pty) Ltd

We are a Registered Financial Services Provider in the Republic of South Africa, aiming to create financial wellness for our clients since 2006 by providing an uncompromising standard of financial advice.

We are here to provide you with the best advice and service possible. You have access to us in many ways, in person, via e mail, telephone and the website. Our skill lies in ensuring that you have a full understanding of the options open to you and any risks associated in making the decisions that are appropriate for you.



AfrAsia Bank specialises in banking that builds bridges between Africa, Asia and the World. AfrAsia Bank’s fresh approach connects people, places and possibilities by doing things others said could not be done. The bank was founded in 2007 and are headquartered in the Mauritius International Financial Centre with a representative office in South Africa.

AfrAsia Bank is the appointed custodian for Caveat Fund Ltd.


Askari Compliance Services

"Askari" is a Swahili word used to describe a guard or guardian. Living up to this name, Askari Compliance Services is a Financial Services Board approved compliance practice that provides bespoke financial service compliance solutions.

Askari Compliance Service is the appointed provider of compliance services and solutions for Caveat Fund Ltd

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